The association was founded in 1960 and reorganized in July 1967, then the service covers all the ceramic industry in Taiwan, Kinmen, and Matsu. The expansion of the association has been accompanied by great improvement of the quantity and quality of some ceramics in Taiwan.

The ceramic industries in Taiwan have a long history. The earliest kilns in Taiwan were discovered in Nantou, a town in the middle of Taiwan, for more than two hundred years. These early kilns were rather primitive making only basic and simple pottery products, and then spread all over the island.

During the period of Japanese governance, 1895-1945, lots of Japan ceramic crafts and products were introduced to Taiwan. The effect encouraged and forced the local manufacture to make progress. After the World War II, the Taiwanese ceramic industries have developed rapidly and well under the continuous efforts of the public and private sectors.

The product lines had been expanded to sanitary and industrial ceramics as well as decorative ware. During the 1970's, the industry started to be supplied with natural gas as kiln fuel and equipped with shuttle, tunnel, and roller kilns. These brought the Taiwan ceramic industries into a new era. In 1980's, for example, the tiles are expanded from earthenware to stoneware / porcelainware, and the total production reached 600,000 square meters per day.

From then on, the Taiwanese ceramic industries have been prosperous for years in quality, mass production and design. Our products are compatible to those of any countries. The ever record of kilns in Taiwan were 250 in 1990s', and the ceramic firms were 1,200. Now some of the local firms expand or move their equipment or investment to Southeast Asia or China due to high labor and land costs in Taiwan.

So that the ceramic industry in Taiwan turns to produce a kind of high quality and well-designed products, even fine ceramics and precision ceramics. The association classifies the local industries into six categories, namely daily housewares, building ware, sanitary ware, decorative ware, industrial/precision ceramics, and raw material and equipments.

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